Stor vägkorsning i en stad

This is FFI

FFI, Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation, is a joint program between the state and the automotive industry running since 2009. FFI promotes and finances research and innovation to sustainable road transport.

The transport system is facing the biggest transformation of our time and the window of opportunity to meet the global sustainability goals is closing rapidly. FFI has a responsibility to accelerate this work and contribute to new solutions. To succeed, we need to transform the system jointly. Developments in road transport and the Swedish automotive industry are of great importance for a sustainable society and competitiveness.

FFI finances research and development activities for approximately SEK 1 billion per year, where the state accounts for half of the funding. 

Our long-term vision is that Sweden leads the long-term global transition to sustainable road transport. Our mission is that FFI empowers innovation for road transport aiming for a sustainable society.


FFI is an agreement between the automotive industry ​and the state. Partners are following:

  • AB Volvo
  • Swedish Energy Agency
  • FKG
  • Scania CV AB
  • Swedish Transport Administration
  • Vinnova
  • Volvo Car Group
  • Mobility Sweden, co-opted party

Our contribution

Since 2009 FFI’s funding to society has been extensive. The collaboration has led to in-depth collaboration and consensus, a strengthened competitiveness and relevance in the automotive industry as well as increased competence, knowledge and scientific quality in vehicle strategic research and innovation.

We have financed over 900 project where over 500 organizations have participated and contributed. New knowledge has been built up within the industry, universities and research institutes. New solutions have been implemented and accepted by both users and society. FFI has influenced new industry’s investment decisions and brought the introduction of new, environmentally friendly technologies forward.

FFI and our partners account for 11 percent of Sweden’s total merchandise exports and 12 percent of Swedish industry’s investments. Many of the project we have financed are crucial for Sweden’s ability to meet the challenges towards a future sustainable society.

Now, we are shifting up. In order to meet the sustainability challenges, a restructuring of the road transport sector and of the automotive industry is needed, and that is why FFI exists.

Our roadmap

Our long-term vision is that Sweden leads the global transition to sustainable road transport. Our roadmap sets the direction towards the year 2030.

More information

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